Transforming the market for quality-assured ACT (QAACT) in Kinshasa: results from a representative outlet survey in support of large-scale market development activities

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The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has set targets of 80% suspected malaria cases tested and 100% confirmed cases appropriately treated by 2020, in line with WHO recommendations. The private health sector in Kinshasa is a critical partner in delivering quality malaria care to achieve these targets as it serves 70% of childhood fevers and has 86% antimalarial market share in the city. However, ACTwatch results from 2015 show QAACT availability was only 19% in drug shops, the most popular antimalarial source. The median private sector adult-equivalent (AE) QAACT course cost $5.04 and QAACT market share was just 2.2%.

Beginning in December 2015 PSI, in partnership with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), negotiated QAACT price reductions with manufacturers, introduced co-payments for importers, conducted large-scale promotion of a Green Leaf quality logo, and supported medical detailing. Additional supporting interventions included the provision of free RDTs to qualified pharmacists and MOH-led supervision.