Planning Guide for a Total Market Approach to Increase Access to Family Planning Module 1: Landscape Assessment

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This document contains practical information and specific tools to help organizations and other in-country actors conduct a landscape assessment, the first phase in planning a TMA. The main body of this document is intended to be used in tandem with the TMA landscape assessment tools and resources in Appendix 1. Module 2 refers to market segmentation analysis strategies, and the future modules 3 and 4 will focus on developing a TMA plan and monitoring its implementation.

This module is likely to be most useful to organizations and individuals looking to plan a TMA, and we have designed it for a variety of experience and interest levels. Because a well-executed TMA benefits both the public and private sectors, representatives from any sector may initiate the process. For the purposes of this document, this group is collectively referred to as TMA planners.

TMA planners, the primary users of this module, include TMA practitioners, program managers, and other organizational representatives or consultants providing technical assistance in the FP arena. Secondary users include decision-makers at the country level involved in commodity security issues and supporting the growth of the commercial sector as part of an overall approach to commodity security (e.g., government officials, contraceptive security committees, local donors, and policymakers).