Market Development Approaches Working Group: Market Segmentation Primer

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Based on case studies from a variety of developing markets, this primer provides resources to assist in the understanding and use of market segmentation research to strengthen the RH/FP market. The great majority of market segmentation examples for this report come from USAID-funded projects, as USAID has been a global leader in advancing the role of the private sector in FP. Because multisectoral planning requires an understanding of how the market can be served in a complementary fashion, segmentation studies are a natural outgrowth of this market diversification. This primer is intended to be iterative, inclusive, and interactive, and as the FP market continues to evolve, the MDAWG is continually seeking new case studies, tools, and resources from all sources.

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) Market Development Approaches Working Group (MDAWG) conceived of this market segmentation primer to endorse the importance of market segmentation to overall market growth. The primer serves the following purposes:

  1. Introduce the purpose, theory, process, and approaches for segmenting markets to increase family planning (FP) market efficiency and equity
  2. Make the case for using market segmentation to expand access to and affordability of modern contraception
  3. Provide all stakeholders—policymakers, public and for-profit providers, manufacturers, distributors, donors, program implementers and contractors, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)—with a common set definitions and sources
  4. Collect in a single place reference materials, websites, and data to facilitate use of market segmentation approaches in diverse country settings.