Jordan Family Planning Users’ Profiles and Market Segmentation Analysis: A review of the literature and available data

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The purpose of this review is to:

  • Use existing data to determine the size and distribution of the Family Planning (FP) market in Jordan.
  • Study profiles of users and non-users of FP methods and review factors – demographic, socioeconomic, cultural, and other – that affect FP method use.
  • Review existing research on providers’ profiles and supply side factors affecting FP in Jordan.
  • Divide the Jordanian FP market into segments and estimate the size of potential demand by method and source.

The overall objective is to inform the development of marketing and strategic plans to increase demand of FP products and services in Jordan.

According to the 2009 Jordan Population and Family Health Survey (JPFHS), 62.6% of women reported using a FP method to space or limit pregnancy. Approximately 44% or an estimated 423,581 (DOS estimates) are using a modern method, more than half of which are IUD users. Less than 0.1% of women are using Norplant.