Increasing Same-Day Access to FP through Available, Affordable Pregnancy Tests: Final Detailed Report of SHOPS Plus Market Shaping Analysis in 5 Countries

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Premise: Studies have suggested that women seeking hormonal FP methods outside their menstrual period risk being turned away by providers, and improving access to pregnancy tests can result in improved same day access to FP methods

Purpose: To determine whether market shaping can be used to improve access to same-day hormonal FP methods through PTs.

Method: The SHOPS Plus project conducted market assessments in India, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, and Zambia between June-September 2016.

  • Collected information included: price, availability, quality perceptions, use of PTs, use of the Pregnancy Checklist or other protocols, and past procurements in the public, forprofit and NGO sector.
  • The project then analyzed the findings with the CII market shaping framework, and used a consultative process to identify the most promising interventions.