Implementing a Retail Panel to Understand Markets

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In developed commercial markets, data on market performance is routinely gathered to provide commercial market players (e.g. distributors, manufacturers) a clear and updated picture of the market. This analysis provides a frequent pulse on how the market is performing in terms of depth (volume and value) and breadth (range of products, price points, places available, investment in promotion). They can track performance of their own products and competition. These players use this market intelligence to design their go-to-market strategies. Additionally, non-profit organizations, governments and donors can use this market data to build an understanding of where there are constraints in the demand or supply of a particular market, and where they might intervene to improve the accessibility of a product. This document provides a guide on how to set up a retail panel in a developing market – based on the experience and learnings from a retail panel of condom availability designed and conducted by PSI in a largely informal market in dense urban areas of Mozambique.