Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer

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Global market shaping can accelerate progress toward increasing access to and use of life-saving commodities. Whether by halving the cost of antiretroviral drugs for children with HIV, helping deliver malaria treatment to far-flung places, or increasing women’s access to contraceptive implants, market shaping is addressing previously insurmountable market barriers at scale. As these challenges are addressed, the market shaping field requires additional coordination and leadership to uncover potentially transformational solutions.

This Market Shaping Primer aims to present the state of the practice by identifying noteworthy achievements across products and markets. By taking inventory of successful market shaping interventions and assessing commonalities, it presents a high-level roadmap and an opportunity to further the discussion over how market shaping can advance global health goals.

This primer is intended for global health decision-makers and technical health experts who want to explore how market shaping can be applied to improve global health outcomes. These practitioners may sit in federal ministries of health or finance, implementing or advisory organizations, or donor or procurement agencies. Manufacturers, distributors, and other supply-side actors may also find value in the perspectives presented here. Supported by case studies and historical examples, this primer provides an overview of the basics of market shaping, an analytical approach for tracing market shortcomings to their underlying root causes, and guiding principles for designing, implementing, and evaluating an intervention.