The future of multipurpose prevention technology product strategies: understanding the market in parallel with product development

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The development of multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) products for combined protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and unintended pregnancy is a priority. MPTs have a number of potential benefits over single-indication products and could provide meaningful health benefits for individuals and at public health population level. Co-formulated or co-administered products that address multiple unmet sexual and reproductive health needs for women in resource constrained parts of the world could offer meaningful advantages over single-product/single-indication strategies. For example, women seeking contraception and HIV prevention would probably prefer a single product to address both indications. By leveraging the pre-existing acceptability and demand for specific contraceptive product dosage forms, co-formulated or co-administered products addressing two indications may be more readily introduced into appropriate target populations than products that only provide a single type of prevention. Women with a greater perceived risk of pregnancy could opt to use an MPT primarily for contraceptive purposes and receive the benefit of the STI prevention indication as well. Similarly, women concerned about potential stigma within their families or communities associated with using HIV prevention products could be more inclined to use an MPT contraceptive product that also provides discreet protection against HIV.