Enhancing Family Planning Market Knowledge

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Activity Purpose and Objectives

In this report, total market data in the public health arena is defined as the consumption/sales data of health products from each market sector or channel, measured for a specific time period, in a particular geographic region. For this activity, in December 2014, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT applied total market data obtained from IMS Health, through joint effort with USAID/Washington, to inform Zambia’s national quantification exercise for family planning products. The total market data resulted from the collaboration between IMS Health, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The activity had the following objectives:

  • Review the current IMS-MMV-ZAMRA total market data—e.g., assess the key features and limitations of the data—as it relates to this national quantification exercise.
  • Apply the data to the quantification exercise—e.g., estimate each sector’s share of the total market for each family planning method/product.
  • Consider the potential use of similar total market data for future quantification exercises and other types of activities.

Process and Findings

In December 2014, the objectives for this activity were fully met by analyzing the market data prior to and during the quantification exercise, using the data to inform the quantification exercise, and by conducting discussions throughout the process with USAID/Washington, IMS Health, project staff, and other stakeholders.

This report documents the following for the analysis and use of the market data:

  • data sources, key features, and limitations of the Zambia market data
  • results of the data review conducted
  • description of how the data was used to inform the family planning quantification exercise.

The two new databases—resulting from the collaboration between IMS, MMV, ZAMRA, and the MOH—contain information about the quantities of pharmaceutical products approved by ZAMRA and that will be imported into the country, and the volumes received into the Medical Stores Limited (MSL).