DMPA IM Demand Forecasting: Methodologies and Results

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Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) is a progestin-only injectable that provides three months of contraceptive protection. DMPA-IM is an intramuscular formulation of DMPA that is supplied through a mix of donor-funded and social marketing organization (SMO) procurement and, in some countries, government tenders.

There is a growing desire in the reproductive health community to better understand the global demand for DMPA IM as well as the ability of the market to fulfill additional future demand. Demand forecasts can be particularly useful for manufacturers, as increased visibility into future demand can inform key decisions. With this visibility, manufacturers may decide whether to invest in manufacturing capacity or international quality assurance processes, or to enter new markets. Demand forecasting may also inform the allocation of resources by donors and governments, or serve to highlight mismatches between supply and demand in a market. As such, demand forecasts were developed by two separate initiatives allow for a range of estimates and greater confidence in results.