Condom Market Landscaping Tool #6: UNAIDS Condom Needs Assessment Tool

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  • Tool producing condom needs estimates at a national level and by sub population. An efficient way to estimate existing condom use and total condom needs to meet country targets. Instructions included on tool.

How to use:

  • The Condom Fast Track Tool was developed by UNAIDS to produce condom needs estimates at a national level, which can be rolled up to support regional and global estimates. The tool generates estimates of total condom quantities and funding required to achieve national targets, disaggregating condom need by behavior, by specific populations such as sex workers, and by whether condoms are needed for HIV prevention or family planning purposes. The Fast Track Tool also highlights the gap between current condom use and needs, and can help model a total market approach to sustainable condom markets, factoring in contribution across sectors in all channels of delivery – important when developing a vision for a healthy market supporting sustainable condom use.
  • Instructions included on the tool.

See Guidance Document for more details.