Condom Market Landscaping Tool #5: Data Analysis and Charts

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5.1 Condom Distribution worksheet

5.2 Free Distribution worksheet

5.3 Charts & Graphs

5.4 Market Reliance on subsidy

5.5 Condom Use worksheet

5.6 Condom Availability

5.7 Brands worksheet

5.8 Donor Analysis worksheet


  • Tools to support analysis of market data, organize presentation of data in consistent manner, and feed into reports.

How to use:

  • Use individual worksheets as guide to collect & present data. Instructions for each worksheet are embedded in each worksheet. Tools will inevitably need to be tailored to specific market data available.
  • Can be thought of as way to organize and present data. Graphs and charts are automatically generated.
  • Guidance on use of worksheet is provided in text box on each worksheet, with some comments embedded in cells.

See Guidance Document for more details.