Condom Market Landscaping Tool #1: Comprehensive Indicators

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  • Organize data collection and presentation in context of the Condom Program Pathway
  • Quickly assess overall market performance against critical building blocks, or functions, supporting the Pathway
  • Source data to inform the condom market dashboard

How to use:

  • The indicators lay out critical aspects of market analysis supporting landscaping efforts. It may be helpful to think of the indicators as the ‘skeleton’ supporting the analysis – further information can be used to flesh out the core elements of the skeleton.
  • Definition guidance for each indicator is included on the indicator sheet.
  • The indicators are cross-walked to the two main information gathering tools (KII & Landscaping Guidance) that will inform how each indicator is ‘scored’. More detail is embedded in the landscaping guidance and KII, with direct links provided.
  • Cross-walking of the indicator form to core tools should a) support data gathering by clarifying the information of what we’re aiming to get and b) support analysis by organizing data collection.
  • Individuals conducting market assessments can fill in the comprehensive indicator sheet throughout their assessment – it is, in effect, a cumulative presentation of the market analysis.
  • Used in conjunction with the Dashboard, indicators can support benchmarking of country markets, while cumulative scoring can flag country specific strengths and weaknesses in market functions.

See Guidance Document for more details.