Building Resilient Sexual and Reproductive Health Supply Chains during COVID-19 and Beyond

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It has been said many times that 2020 was an unprecedented year – the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal life around the globe and resulted in tragic loss for many. Yet, in many ways, 2020 also represented the best of human resilience – our collective ability to overcome challenges, to solve problems, and to find ways to keep on going and maintain our commitments. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 also presented an opportunity to reflect, learn, and adapt in many areas of life. RHSC and JSI embarked on this assessment to learn from the data and to hear from experts to do just that – to understand what about our supply chains helped ensure continuity of SRH products and services and identify what we could do better moving forward. What did we already know that this crisis confirmed or exacerbated and what new challenges and promising adaptations emerged? This was a journey to understand and catalog the experience and end-to-end supply chain effects of the pandemic, as well as the collective knowledge and problem solving of the community who cares so deeply about continuous access to SRH products and services.