Assessment of the Pregnancy Test Market in Kenya

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The SHOPS Plus project conducted a market shaping assessment of pregnancy tests in the greater Nairobi area of Kenya. The assessment shows that pregnancy tests are widely available across the public and private sectors. However, prices in both sectors vary and may be high for some patients.

Kenya’s devolution of primary health care services to the county level has led to variability in procurement practices. Because county-level procurement varies, smaller orders may lead to higher prices. However, the majority of the cost to end users is added through the pharmacy and clinic retail margins. Some public and private clinics purchase directly from pharmacies at retail prices, which may also explain prices charged to end users.

There may be opportunities to reduce prices of pregnancy tests for public clinics and end users by improving procurement practices. Another opportunity is to partner with social marketing organizations or community programs to make private sector pregnancy tests more affordable. There may also be opportunities to partner with professional associations and private facilities to increase provider adherence to family planning protocols.