A Brief Guide to the Method Choice Framework

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In collaboration with USAID, FHI 360 developed the Method Choice Framework to help family planning (FP) programs ensure efforts are client-centered and informed by contraceptive method choice. Client-centered programming and contraceptive method choice are intrinsically related. Client-centered FP programs promote method choice by providing services that enable youth, women, men, and couples to voluntarily choose contraceptive methods that best align with their reproductive desires and lifestyle.

This guidance document introduces our framework and offers an organized approach to evaluate progress on achieving programmatic milestones. These milestones are accompanied by resources and sub-divided into four principle factors (or theme-areas) that influence contraceptive method choice: client values and preferences, enabling environment, method mix, and service readiness.

Many milestones identified in this framework are applicable across several factors. Though milestones are often highly inter-related, for the sake of organizational clarity, we chose to attribute each to its most relevant theme-area.