2019 Contraceptive Security Indicators

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For the last decade, the Contraceptive Security Indicators (CSI) Survey has collected, monitored and analyzed data from every region of the developing world so that collective insight about contraceptive security can be shared with global decision makers. Contraceptive security, defined as the ability to reliably choose, obtain, and use a wide range of high-quality and affordable contraceptive methods, is a foundational element for attaining family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) goals. By assisting countries to gather and track data on their progress in improving access to contraceptives, the CSI Survey supports FP2020 and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals while contributing new insights to the international FP/RH knowledge base. Key findings, raw data, interactive dashboards, and other informational resources are available on the CSI Survey Landing Page. Although the survey and its findings address many critical components driving global contraceptive security, the indicators related to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) may be the single most important; after all, contraceptive methods can only be utilized if they are accessible to those who need them.