2017 Contraceptive Security Indicators Report

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Countries are increasingly recognizing the importance and value of contraceptive security (CS) and regularly monitoring its progress. CS exists when every person can choose, obtain, and use quality contraceptives, whenever he or she needs them, for family planning or for prevention of HIV and AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

This CS Indicators 2017 data report continues to build upon and refine the CS Indicators first developed in 2009 and presented in the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT paper, Measuring Contraceptive Security in 36 Countries. Since then, CS Indicators have been collected, measured, and reported annually through 2015. The USAID Global Health Supply Chain-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project, a follow-on to USAID | DELIVER and USAID’s Supply Chain Management System project, has now assumed the role of collecting data and disseminating this survey — now in its eighth round — to benefit the global health community. This report presents data from 36 countries, which include updated indicators in the leadership and coordination, supply chain, and policy sections. The report also introduces two new sections, pharmaceutical quality and private-sector contributions, to bring the survey more in line with a total market approach.

The survey enables program managers, advocates, and decision-makers in countries as well as in the global health community to monitor progress toward contraceptive security, inform program planning, and advocate for improved policies and resources.

The report presents findings on leadership and coordination, finance, commodities, supply chain, policies, quality, and the private sector.