2016 Antiretroviral (ARV) CHAI Reference Price List

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What is the CHAI Reference Price List? How does it differ from CHAI ceiling prices?

Historically, CHAI has published negotiated ceiling prices from suppliers for key adult and pediatric ARVs, representing the maximum amount a country should pay. Starting in 2015, CHAI adopted a new approach to publishing prices as reference prices rather than ceiling prices. The new reference price approach provides a more relevant market comparison point for countries that is based on the significant progress made in improving procurement practices and achieving better prices for ARVs across countries, and was made in consultation with suppliers, Ministries of Health (MOHs), and global partners. Prices are Ex-Works (EXW)unless noted.

How can the CHAI Reference Price List be used?

The CHAI reference prices are those that the indicated manufacturers have committed to CHAI to offer the CHAI procurement consortium countries regardless of order volume. The prices are reflective of actual market prices across procurers rather than simply a maximum, as was the case with ceiling prices. This commitment is however non-binding. In certain cases, even more favorable prices may be possible with sufficient volume as indicated on the reference price comparison table. CHAI recommends that countries continue to make reference to the CHAI Reference Price List and the benchmark price comparisons (see page 2) in their tender documents to ensure best pricing.