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Global Health Market Intelligence at a Click

A large and growing open-access collection of health market literature, offering immediate access to the documents and related resources needed to understand, develop and intervene in different global health markets.

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Market Analysis

Documents to better inform market participation, development and potential interventions. Topics include market assessments, market segmentation, landscape analyses, business cases, price analyses, etc.

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Market Interventions

Documents on market interventions, best practices, and lessons learned. Topics include pooled procurement, product development partnerships, channel subsidies, advance market commitment, etc.

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Documents and resources that address both market analyses and market interventions categories.

The sub-topics include total market approach and market shaping.

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How can Market Bookshelf help you?

Pharmaceutical Company

Are you a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer looking to expand into a new market?

This collection can help you investigate market needs and conditions across a wide range of countries by accessing existing market analyses, for both target and analogous product areas.


Do you work in international development? Are you a donor or member of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC)?

Find conference presentations and articles written by your global health peers as well as publications by leading authors to advance your work and ensure its originality. Contribute your work to this repository to enhance visibility and access.


Are you a government official considering options to address national health needs through collaborations with donor organizations or the introduction of health products and services?

This database will increase your awareness and access to reports and market case studies to inform your evaluation and strategy development.


Are you a public health practitioner interested in market analysis, development or interventions?

This resource will facilitate your research by providing a breadth and depth of examples across global health.

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Market Bookshelf is designed to be a living resource, for real-time additions as knowledge is generated and captured in written form. The insights and perspectives from a wide range of market players are needed to ensure the collection stays relevant and truly reflective of the field.