Strengthening Mozambique’s Family Planning Market: A Way Forward

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Providing quality family planning is a priority for the government of Mozambique. We have a strong focus on youth, and are committed to improving the services offered in our health system. We also want to stimulate an increase in demand for modern contraception and overall use. Three strategies guide our work: the National Family Planning and Contraceptive Strategy, the Global Financing Facility (GFF) Strategy, and Mozambique’s Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) Commitments.

Our goals are ambitious and we are proud of progress made to date. There is still work to be done, especially reaching youth and women in rural and peri-urban communities. Success will require a multi-sectoral approach and a strategic shift in modern contraceptive promotion. Public-private partnerships are needed to improve distribution and increase the number of providers and facilities that can support youth and women in their reproductive health decision-making. These strategies will require the support of religious and community leaders, our partners, and strengthened coordination between the public and private sectors.

This report is the product of a family planning technical working group (TWG) meeting in June 2017. It reflects a larger effort between the government and our partners to provide a range of safe and effective methods to help women plan the families they desire and curb population growth. The TWG took a critical look at the health of Mozambique’s family planning market and areas where the market is failing. Using this kind of approach will help us make the most efficient use of existing resources and delivery points within our health system, and ultimately move us toward a healthier, more prosperous country and population.