The Public Private Mix Program and Antimalarial and Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Availability and Market Share in the Southern Lao PDR Private Sector

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In 2008, a Public Private Mix (PPM) program was initiated in southern Lao PDR to increase the availability of the first-line artemisinin combination therapy (ACT), artemether lumefantrine (AL), and malaria rapid diagnostic tests (mRDTs) in the private sector at little to no cost to the consumer. AL and mRDTs are provided free of charge from the Center for Malaria Parasitology and Entomology (CMPE). Providers are permitted to sell AL for approximately USD $0.12 and mRDT services for USD $0.25. Providers receive training on malaria case management and are expected to report data to the nearest health center or district antimalarial nucleus (DAMN).