Overview of the HIV/AIDS antiretroviral medicines pipeline and existing products on the market: a focus on suitability for use in resource-limited settings

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This report provides an overview of existing and pipeline products used and with potential for use in RLS for adults and children. The focus of this report is on the clinical suitability of antiretroviral treatments. Other key factors determining access to these products have been described elsewhere (see “further reading”, below). Information and analysis are current as of November 2012.

The discussion in this report is based on the target of having drugs and regimens that are suitable for easy use in decentralized care with minimal laboratory requirements. Ideal products must be tolerable, durable, heat stable, safe and effective for use across all CD4 strata, with high viral load, in men and women, in pregnancy, in children and with tuberculosis or viral hepatitis co-infection. They need also be available at the lowest possible cost.

Section 1 provides an overview of existing products and their limitations in their clinical and programmatic use and describes ongoing research into ways that these products and regimens could be optimized.

Section 2 looks at the nearer end of the pipeline with an emphasis on “high potential” products that are closer to market launch and/or could provide improvement over the existing products.