Measuring the Total Condom Market in the Caribbean: Insights and Findings from the CARISMA programme

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This report is a synthesis study of key findings from the Total Condom component of the CARISMA (CARISMA) programme over two phases, cumulatively from 2005-2012. The aim of the CARISMA programme was to use social marketing techniques to create demand, widen access and promote HIV prevention behavior, including condom use, through growing the total condom market. In its second phase, CARISMA also expanded to social marketing for family planning, addressing stigma and discrimination, increasing access to SRH services with a focus on sexual and reproductive health rights.

Over the two phases of the CARISMA programme, two distinct approaches were taken to measuring the total condom market (TCM). In the first phase of CARISMA (2005-2008) measurement of the TCM principally relied on collecting sales data from condom distributors and suppliers. However, this proved to be unreliable as some large-scale manufacturers failed to submit data, and CARISMA II focused on measuring the TCM through surveying user behaviour (condom use among different groups), and through total market studies at base and endline points. These efforts at measuring the TCM are presented in this report.