Market-Based Partnerships for Health Annual Progress Report: Year 2

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Market-based Partnerships for Health (MBPH) is a USAID/India-funded four-year health initiative that seeks to forge commercially sustainable partnerships with the private sector to improve the health of Base of Pyramid (BoP) populations. The project covers a range of public health areas including reproductive health, maternal and child health, hygiene, safe drinking water, indoor air pollution and tuberculosis control and care, primarily in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand. The project expands upon Abt Associates’ innovative work in India, implemented under the USAID funded Private Sector Partnerships-One (PSP-One) project (2004-2009).

MBPH is implemented by Abt Associates and its consortium partners, namely, Futures Group International, the Monitor Group, Population Services International and Banyan Global to achieve the following core objectives:

  • Identify and support partnerships between commercial sector players to tap into their manufacturing, marketing, distribution, service delivery and information networks to improve health outcomes in selected areas.
  • Explore innovative partnerships with health and non-health partners (including government, civil society, commercial sector and other donors) to accelerate progress in public health.