Mapping the private commercial sector distribution chain for antimalarials in six low-income countries in Africa and South-East Asia

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Review of key findings from ACTwatch Household & Outlet Surveys

  • Despite free or highly subsidised provision, limited access and availability of ACTs in public sector has resulted in poor coverage
  • 3% -21% of febrile children in Africa receive ACT (2011 ACTwatch HH)
  • Many seek treatment from private sector retailers
  • More than 50% for care for febrile children in 6 countries –> but only 22% in Zambia (2011 ACTwatch HH)
  • Retail prices for ACT are 5-23 times higher than those of older, less effective antimalarials ( g Q, ) e. g. CQ, SP ) ( ) 2011 ACTwatch OS)
  • Retail level availability of ACT ranged from 6%-53% (except Cambodia), but availability of older, less effective antimalarials was ~100%
  • Most retail customers purchase older, less effective therapies
  • Use of oral artemisinin monotherapies also common –> resistance